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 Benefit 1:  Purchase, Hosted or Service Based.
 Benefit 2:  Flexible Callback Features.
 Benefit 3:  High Quality Sound.
 Benefit 4:  Web Based Management of Callback Accounts

What does do? provides a Callback Service available to Resellers around the world interested in starting their own Callback Business. runs on PECís CardSaver software in conjunction with CISCO VoIP Gateways. The CardSaver software manages the accounts, rates and call records. The Cisco manages the transmission of voice and signaling.

Callback.coís International CallBack is a high-end, 100 % VoIP and CISCO based system that is capable of handling prepaid and postpaid CallBack services.The PEC CallBack engine can handle up to 1000ís of simultaneous calls per system and the technology are carriers we use provides the best quality CallBack service in the industry.

Callback.coís International CallBack can be deployed as a purchased, hosted or service based solution

Please contact us at 1-732-290-1900 to get more information and a demo on this service.

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A Few Testimonials

Read our press release on about how to "Start Your Own Profitable Business with Parwan Electronics Corporations' International CallBack Systems"

- Rachna Tschand, PEC

"I have tried several CallBack service providers, but was never satisfied with the voice quality. When I switched to your service, the problems I was facing disappeared. I can now focus on growing my business rather than maintaining my network and equipment."

- W. Djokoto, IP Telecom

"Nobody can beat your low international rates and great quality ! I have never seen customer service like yours. Your team of skilled professionals are the most knowledgeable and best in the industry. Thanks for the great service !"

- Stan B.

"We have been providing callback services for a few years now and wanted to expand to other parts of the country without installing equipment everywhere. provided us with a solution to expand our coverage at a price that allowed us to maintain a profit."

- A. Mehra, Aerovox Corp.

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